StandBy Support After Suicide counsellors:

Once again StandBy counsellors be available onsite to provide support.

  • StandBy counsellors will be located at Booth 21 on the exhibition floor if you require immediate assistance. You can also find them in their dedicated counselling rooms located on the upper east level at:
    • Skyway office
    • Skyway room 3 for private sessions.
  • StandBy counsellors can be identified by their StandBy Support After Suicide lanyards.
  • If you cannot locate them, please call 1300 727 247

Lived Experience volunteers:

The insights, knowledge and expertise of people that have a lived experience of suicide are integral to the work of Suicide Prevention Australia.  As well as Suicide Prevention Australia staff and the staff at the Adelaide Convention Centre who will be assisting with venue, registration and program information, this year, there will also be a small number of Lived Experience volunteers in attendance.  Members of Suicide Prevention Australia’s Lived Experience Panel will be onsite during the conference and can be identified by their name badges marked lanyards marked “Lived Experience Volunteer”.

The Lived Experience volunteers will be assisting delegates, speakers and presenters by: greeting people and making introductions to StandBy Support; offering support to delegates during the conference, together with StandBy Support; supporting speakers and presenters before, during and after their presentations; offering support around the Wellbeing Zone and Quiet Area; and assisting people in distress to connect with StandBy, Suicide Prevention Australia or an emergency service provider.

Wellbeing Zone:

This year’s conference has a Wellbeing Zone, sponsored by Preventive Health SA, that is located within the exhibition hall. It is a curated safe space for delegates to take time out and practise self-care. A program of activities has been scheduled across the three days of the conference, including massages.

Wesley Mission:

Wesley Mission is hosting their Wesley LifeForce Suicide Memorial on Monday 29 April 2024 from 12.30 to 1.30pm at the Adelaide Convention Centre – Regattas. Delegates are encouraged to gather in the heart of Adelaide to remember and honour the precious lives lost to suicide.

Counsellors will be present to offer support. Reflect over music, listen to stories from people with lived experience, and be part of the laying of sunflowers. You may also like to bring a photo and share a personal tribute on our memorial wall. Everyone is welcome. Sign up for event reminders or join us on the day.

Quiet Area:

This safe space is intended to offer people a chance to reflect, unwind or relax in silence.  Located in the east upper level in foyers A and B, the area is comfy and inviting, with cozy bean bags and other self-care elements.  Lived Experience volunteers and StandBy Support staff will be available nearby.

Auslan services:

We are committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility at our conference. Auslan (Australian Sign Language) services will be available in Hall C, the venue for all main plenary talks and panels. If you require Auslan services for other sessions listed on the program, please inform us in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements, email To view the interactive program and plan your schedule, please click here. We look forward to accommodating your needs so the conference can be an enriching experience for you.

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