StandBy Support After Suicide


Major Sponsor: StandBy Support After Suicide

In Australia, more than 3,300 people die by suicide each year. Research indicates that for every death through suicide 135 people are impacted and ten or more are significantly impacted. StandBy provides free face-to face or telephone support by local caring staff, committed to the wellbeing of the person or group impacted. The program provides a central point of coordination, connecting people to the various supports they may need through referrals to services, groups, and organisations within their local area. 

StandBy operates nationally by partnering with local organisations, engaging their expertise within the community to deliver the most effective and culturally suitable support for each individual circumstance. Locally tailored community workshops and education programs are provided to increase awareness of suicide and suicide bereavement to help enable communities to support one another. 

For more information, visit  call 1300 727 247 or SMS 0428 842 041 

StandBy – an initiative funded by the Australian Government. 

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