Dr Vanessa Lee

Senior researcher in social epidemiology within the National Centre for Cultural Competence at University of Sydney, chair Public Health Indigenous Leadership Education Network and a director on the board of Suicide Prevention Australia

Dr Vanessa Lee BTD, MPH, PhD is from the Yupungathi and Meriam people, Cape York and the Torres Strait. Apart from holding a number of expert advisory positions, Dr Lee has contributed to public health policy as the first National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Vice President of the Public Health Association of Australia focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and social justice issues.

In her capacity as a director for Suicide Prevention Australia, Vanessa is engaged in national and international policy development and evaluation to address Indigenous health and wellness for suicide prevention including those from the sexuality and gender diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander population. Dr Lee recently received public acknowledgement for her contribution towards closing the gap in Indigenous life expectancy, from Prime Minister Turnbull. Vanessa is a social epidemiologist with extensive experience in public health research, curriculum development and evaluation, and public health policy development and evaluation.

Dr Lee’s overarching goal is to improve the health and wellness, determinants of health, efficacy and linkages of services leading towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s life promotion.